Project Quality Control

Quality Management Planning Template

This template is provided as a guide to help the project leader/manager plan quality control activities for the project.

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Directions For Use
  1. Review the quality control section of the IT Project Quality Management Plan template (Word) completed in the project planning process.
  2. Refer to Quality Tools for guidance and examples of quality control activities.
  3. Be sure to refer back to the Qulaity Control plan periodically to verify compliance with planned activities and especially to verify corrected project defects.


Quality Control

The focus of quality control is on the deliverables of the project. Quality control monitors project deliverables to verify that the deliverables are of acceptable quality and the customer is satisfied.

The following table identifies:

  1. The major deliverables of the project that will be tested for acceptable quality level.
  2. The quality standards and customer satisfaction criteria established for the project deliverable. Included are any organizational standards that need to be followed.
  3. The quality control activities that will be executed to monitor the quality of the deliverables.
  4. How often or when the quality control activity will be performed.

Project Deliverable Deliverable Quality Standards⁄
Customer Satisfaction
Quality Control Activity Frequency⁄Interval Who is Responsible
Example: Software application X that performs some desireable function Y. X must be free from defects.

End user does not experience errors or crashes and is happy with Y.
Non-developer (independent) testing of X. As released for testing by developer and before X moves between alpha, beta, and production releases. John Smith, functional office representative.

Quality Tools

The following are examples of tools that can be used to support quality control activities. Click a tool name for explanations and examples.

Tool Name Tool Purpose⁄Use
Cost-Benefit Analysis Compares the cost of the quality process to the expected benefit
Control Charts Used to determine if a process is stable or predictable, within limits
Benchmarking Compares current project processes to comparable projects
Design of Experiments A statistical method to determine influential factors on a product or process
Statistical Sampling Choosing a representative sample from a population of interest for inspection
Cost of Quality Costs incurred for quality, includes cost of conformance and cost of non-conformance
Six Sigma Improves the quality of process outputs by identifying and removing causes of errors
Others … Other identified quality control tools appropriate to the type of project being done