Project Quality Assurance

Quality Management Planning Template

This template is provided as a guide to help the project leader/manager plan quality assurance activities for the project.

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Directions For Use
  1. Review the quality assurance section of the IT Project Quality Management Plan template (Word) completed in the project planning process.
  2. Refer to Quality Tools for guidance and examples of quality assurance activities.
  3. Be sure to refer back to the Quality Assurance plan periodically to verify compliance with planned activities, to verify corrected project defects, and to continuously improve project work.


Quality Assurance

The focus of quality assurance is on the processes used in the project. Quality assurance ensures that project processes are used effectively to produce quality project deliverables. It involves following and meeting standards, continuously improving project work, and correcting project defects.

The following table identifies:

  1. The project processes subject to quality assurance.
  2. The quality standards and stakeholder expectations for that process.
  3. The quality assurance activity – e.g., quality audit or reviews, code review – that will be executed to monitor that project processes are properly followed.
  4. How often or when the quality assurance activity will be performed.
  5. The name of the person responsible for carrying out and reporting on the quality assurance activity.

Project Process Process Quality Standards⁄
Stakeholder Expectations
Quality Assurance Activity Frequency⁄Interval Who is Responsible
Example: Review software development practices of software application X. Software requirements specification.

Developers have completely and accurately captured application requirements.
Peer review of software requirements specification. At regular intervals during the collection of requirements and a final review at the conclusion of requirements collection. Lead developer in conjunction with other knowledgeable developers.

Quality Tools

The following are examples of tools that can be used to support quality assurance activities. Click a tool name for explanations and examples.

Tool Name Tool Purpose⁄Use
Quality Audits Compliance with policies, standards, and processes
Process Analysis Planned continuous improvement of processes
Others … Other identified quality assurance tools appropriate to the type of project being done